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Rednal Hill Junior School


Pupil Premium 2016-17

The school benefits from additional Pupil Premium funding which is allocated according to free school meals data taken from the previous 6 years figures. 

It is nationally recognised that pupils who qualify for free school meals can under-perform. Accordingly government allocates funding to support schools to close the gap. Support for eligible pupils is designed to close the gap academically. We are aware that this generalisation will produce exceptions and that individual pupils needs must be met according to personal progress and achievement data. All staff in school are aware of any pupils that receive this additional funding and may be classed as disadvantaged, allowing them to take responsibility for progress. Staff are aware that these pupils may need additional interventions above those of the rest of the class.

The school is tasked to utilise this funding as it sees fit with the express purpose of addressing under-performance and closing the gap. The school thoroughly analyses which pupils are underachieving, particularly in English and mathematics and appropriate interventions are put in place. At Rednal Hill Junior School we recognise the benefits and importance of adult support based on individual and small group working situations, subsequently teachers and teaching assistants are deployed carefully taking into account teaching strengths. Interventions within school may include emotional support for children and their families to allow children to be ready to learn and achieve . To this end Governors have supported the decision to employ additional staff specifically for this purpose.

We measure the effectiveness of our pupil premium spend by looking at progress measures of pupil premium children and non-pupil premium children. We have endeavoured to increase the progress measures of our pupil premium cohort to enable them to catch up with attainment levels for non-pupil premium children.

Pupil premium progress across the school is in line with or slightly better than non-pupil premium children.

The following information is from the end of summer 2017 data capture and represents terms progress in a year. Progress based on 3 terms in a year.

Closing the gap data for 2016-17

The following data illustrates progress measures for overall pupil data set against that of pupil premium data. Pupil premium children progress inline with the overall group. They exceed the overall groups progress measures for all apart from Y3 reading.