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Year 4


Welcome to the Year 4 Computing Blog.

Have a look at what our wonderful Year 4 children have been up to in their weekly Computing lessons.


During this weeks assembly, children learnt what is safe and unsafe to share online. Children were made aware that it is unsafe for them to share their image online but an avatar could be a way of having a safe 'online identity.' During their computing time, children had a go at creating a digital self using different avatar makers. 


Today, year 4 used pen up and pen down commands to draw consecutive shapes. It was wonderful to see how the children are able to interpret and continue the code. The children saw a pattern developing in the algorithm and continued it further. 


Year 3 continue to add to their lists of programming commands. Today the children used SETFC and SETSC commands to add colour to their screens and shapes. 


Pupils in Year 3, have begun using Logo programming software. Today, children became familiar with some of the typed commands and input these to observe the shape the algorithm created. 


Year 4 have been working hard creating comic strips, using Publisher. The children have been inserting images, arranging and designing their strip to look authentic. They look fantastic. 


The children at Rednal frequently access typing courses and try to improve their typing speed and accuracy. Today, Year 4 had a typing focus lesson and many children improved their word per minute scores. Keep going Year 4!


Year 4 enjoyed creating their final Roman animations today. The children imported backgrounds, sprites and figures in their Roman scene. The children created excellent gladiator battles, bustling roman towns and chariot races among other ideas. 


Year 4 have started topic linked animations. This week, children created a background for their roman animation. There were some wonderful ideas, ranging from chariot races to roman town scenes.


Pupils in year 4 have continued to develop their animation skills over the past few weeks. Children can now import different figures to animate and insert their own backgrounds behind their animations. 


Year 4 have been enjoying using Pivot Animator to create a simple animations. Today, the children added linked frames to create a smooth animation of a stick man waving. They got to grips with the software very quickly!