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At Rednal Hill Junior School, we believe that the teaching of computing and the use of technology, is pivotal in preparing children to be successful in the ever changing, digital world we live in. Our successful teaching of the computing curriculum, teaches children to safely and respectfully use devices, with the technical skills that will be needed to effectively use these technologies now, and in later life. 

The teaching of computing at Rednal, helps pupils foster the skills needed to be successful learners who can;

  • Use technology for learning effectively
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be creative
  • Make links in their learning

We aim for our children to become ‘Computational thinkers’, with a good understanding of computer science. This focuses on how digital systems work and this knowledge to use through programming. Our pupils are taught to become digitally literate and know how to use a range of programs and software to communicate their ideas and present information and know how to use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content.


Pupils from years 3-6 take part in timetabled computing lessons, in a purpose built computer suite. These lessons are all taught by the computing lead teacher and this ensures there is consistency, continuity and progression throughout the key stage. To ensure that the computing curriculum is thoroughly covered, it is taught as a discrete subject with engaging links to other curriculum areas. We encourage all learning and practicing to be in close proximity to aid retention, likewise we utilise dual coding theory to support the same ends.

Lessons are documented in a class journal which includes photos from lessons and examples of work produced. Our children have the opportunity for offsite learning and have visited specialist workshops to develop their skills and to foster a love of the subject.

At Rednal, we feel passionate about ensuring our children are good digital citizens and know how to stay safe online. We teach a comprehensive online safety program, alongside the teaching of technical skills. Each half term there is an online safety assembly, and teachers, led by the subject lead, deliver age appropriate and focused online safety activities which cover identifying fake news and imagery, online security and privacy, stranger danger and the beginning of social media training.


Rednal Hill Junior School pupils have benefitted from increased funding and consistency in the teaching of Computing. Pupils both enjoy and make good progress in computing and this is assessed in a range of ways. All pupils are assessed using a scoring system at the end of each topic to document overall achievement. This method of assessment identifies if children have met all, most or some of the targets in the topic and help to identify individual strengths or weaknesses in area of computing. These assessments help to inform pupil’s annual reports.

Pupil’s confidence in their own abilities is also assessed through a scored self-assessment system. These assessments help pupils to take control of their own learning and reflect on the acquisition of new skills.


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