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Music is taught with the aim of exposing the children to a wide variety of styles, genres and musical traditions from around the world and throughout history. There is a focus on promoting a love and curiosity of music that the children can build on throughout their primary education and beyond.


The delivery of music at Rednal Hill Junior School utilises a range of resources to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum programme of study. Music lessons take place in blocks of six-week periods, following a specific theme or genre of music. Children are expected to use the correct musical vocabulary and are given opportunities to widen their range and understanding of music throughout history and across the world. Time is regularly dedicated to composition using a wide range of both percussion and tuned instruments, as well as learning to play an instrument and singing as part of an ensemble both within lessons and during extra-curricular activities.


As music is predominantly practically based a class journal is used to document the learning journey. Photographs and written journal entries are used to document the learning that has taken place, as well as recordings of performances which are stored on the Music iPad. At the end of each topic the children are asked to fill out a questionnaire in order to assess how well they feel their learning has progressed, including their enjoyment of the topic. Along with teacher assessment this is used to adapt and develop the provision and delivery of music lessons to ensure the programmes of study are fully fulfilled.

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