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Rednal Hill Junior School

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Value Word Champions

 Every term we celebrate children who have exemplified one of our core values.



3NC- Amelia for being quietly confident and for sharing her unique hobbies with the class this week. 

3AY- Alaska for always being herself and for growing in confidence when she is sharing her ideas with the class. 

4LF- Charlie for always being willing to share his brilliant ideas and knowledge with the class. 

4EO- Hannah for her inspirational confidence in herself and being willing to share her thoughts in school. 

5HS- Aban for always thinking independently and using his initiative in his work. 

5NB- Lily b for her confidence in herself and being able to work independently. 

5VR- Laney for her imaginative thinking and calm attitude to all situations as well as being a great friend. 

6SM- Beth who has grown in confidence this year, letting her individuality shine through and for being accepting of others in her class. 

6LF- Keiton for standing up for his well thought through opinions and for being ready to share his thoughts in class. 

6SC- Chloe for always being herself and friendly to everyone she meets. 

Well done to last half term's value word champions for being individuals!