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Key information for parents and carers.

The school has prepared a ‘Returning to Rednal’ video, so parents and children can better understand what to expect when returning to school.

Letters or newsletters that have been sent out

 Coronavirus parent letter 1 11-3-20.pdfDownload
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 Coronavirus parent letter 3 17-3-20.pdfDownload
 Coronavirus parent letter 3a 17-3-20.pdfDownload
 Coronavirus parent letter 4 18-3-20 school closure.pdfDownload
 Coronavirus Parent letter 5 20-03-20 Critical Workers 1.pdfDownload
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West Midlands Domestic Abuse Support during Covid 19 outbreak

Keeping my child safe?

Rest assured, staff will continue to look out for signs a child may be at risk whist at school. Any such concerns will be dealt with as per the child protection policy and where appropriate referrals will still be made to children’s social care and as required the police.  

On top of this there are a lot of support available to keep your child safe online. Below are some useful links to help parents, carers and children.

Parents and children, as well as reporting any concerns back to school, there is also some practical support available at:

We will be in regular contact with our parents and carers. We'd like to take this opportunity to reinforce the importance of children being safe online. During this time, it is especially important for parents and carers to be aware of what your child/children are doing online and who they are interacting with.

If you choose to supplement our school online offer with support from online companies and in some cases individual tutors, we'd like to highlight the need to secure any online support from a reputable organisation/individual who can provide evidence that they are safe and can be trusted to have access to children. Support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online includes:

  • Internet matters - for support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online
  • London Grid for Learning - for support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online
  • Net-aware - for support for parents and careers from the NSPCC
  • Parent info - for support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online
  • Thinkuknow - for advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online
  • UK Safer Internet Centre - advice for parents and carers

Rednal Hill Junior School Safer Internet Document Click Here

Helpful numbers and services for parents and carers

Children's Commissioner: children's guide to Coronavirus

Coronavirus a book for children

Information for parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

 Communication and Autism Help.pdfDownload
 Educational Psychology Support Flyer.pdfDownload
 Learning Difficulties Help.pdfDownload
 Sensory Support Help.pdfDownload
 Top Ten Tips to help your child.pdfDownload
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Further advice for parents/carers of children with Autism

A social story explaining Coronavirus to younger children with Autism.

A social story explaining Coronavirus to older children with Autism.

Contact details for the Communication Autism Team during the school closure.

Autism Awareness Day

Thursday 2nd April. 

Due to schools closure we have not been able to celebrate this together. Click here for the National Autistic Society webpage. 

Please share this great video with your children to help them to understand some of the difficulties that children with Autism have to manage on a daily basis: