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  4. W/B 18/09/2023 - International Day of Peace

Weekly Focused Assemblies 2023-2024

The focus of this week’s assembly was the ‘International Day of Peace’. This year it was held on Thursday 23rd September. The children considered what peace meant to them before leaning about the work that The United Nations started after the end of the Second World War. Each year the UN dedicate a theme to promote international peace. In 2023 the theme is ‘Global Goals’, these goals were designed to promote sustainable development across the world. Further information around the 17 goals can be found here: 

To close the assembly the children listened to the story The Spots and the Dots, written by Helen Baugh and Marion Deuchars. The book explored the theme of working together as a community for a more harmonious world. The book is read by the author below: 

Link to the music: