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  4. W/B 15/05/2023 - Mental Health Awareness Week

Weekly Focused Assemblies

Week Beginning 15/05/23

This week has been Mental Health Awareness week and our assembly this week focused on the theme of anxiety.

The children explored the feeling of anxiety and the following was shared:

The children were told about what anxiety feels like and what some common symptoms are. They also explored what can cause anxiety.

The idea that everyone, at a certain time, can feel anxiety and that it is a normal emotion. We also spoke about how some people feel anxious a lot of the time and how this can impact on their mental health. We looked at how we could all seek help if this was the case.

 As a school we always look out to support others and as part of our assembly we thought about how we could support someone experiencing anxiety.

We listened to calming music in order to think about how music can help us to feel relaxed and improve our mood.