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Weekly Focused Assemblies

Week Beginning 12/06/23

As next week in school is Science Week, our assembly was all about the famous scientist and naturalist David Attenborough.

During our assembly, we discussed and learned some interesting facts all about this inspirational character. These included:

  • Sir David Attenborough was born in 1926. From being a young boy, David was passionate about one subject – nature. 
  • By the age of seven, he had a huge collection of fossils, stones and birdseggs and had made up his mind that he wanted to work with animals and the natural world. 
  • When he was a teenager, David listened to a talk by a famous scientist who explained how important it was to protect wildlife and the environment
  • David studied zoology andgeology at university. He then went to work for the BBC, and made television programmes about nature, like Zoo Quest. 
  • Animals were filmed in their natural habitats and were observeddoing things like feeding, hunting, building nests and having young. Wildlife programmes had never been made this way before.
  • David began to travel all over the world, discovering never-before-seen animals, people and places. He made sure that he always went to the places that the animals lived, however far away and dangerous they were. 
  • During his career, Sir David Attenborough has: ​
  • Changed the way wild animals are treated when they are filmed ​
  • Helped educate millions of people through his wildlife programmes ​
  • Educated us about pollution and climate change ​
  • Discovered plants, animals and people that were not known about before ​
  • Had plants and animals named after him ​
  • Inspired millions of people from around the word​
  • ​Although he’s now 97 years old, Sir David Attenborough is still passionate about the natural world

We spoke about our exciting science week ahead which includes: Science workshops, parent practical workshops, dressing up as a mad scientist and investigative work using our key characters!

 We listened to Elle Goulding and Steven Price perform ‘Our Planet’.