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  4. W/B 27/11/2023 - Abolition of Slavery

Weekly Focused Assemblies 2023-2024

In this week’s assembly, we were told that on the 2nd of December, it is the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. The first International Day For The Abolition Of Slavery was held in the year 1986. It was organized by the United Nations General Assembly.


Why did they create this day?

  • The United Nations General Assembly organised this day to remind people that slavery violates basic human rights.
  • They also wanted to raise awareness of modern forms of slavery.
  • Whilst hoping to decrease and ultimately end these terrible situations for people around the world.

Slavery Today:

While slavery is now illegal, it is estimated that 21 million people worldwide are living as slaves today. 

After discussing all of the above points, we listened to a story called ‘Henry’s Box to Freedom’ which was a true story about a man named Henry who managed to escape his life as a slave.

At the end of our assembly, we listened to Billy Elish – ‘What was I Made For’ Why not take a listen here: