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A schools Governing body should fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • help the school to set high standards by planning for the school's future and setting targets for school improvement
  • monitor and support school improvement
  • be a critical friend to the school, offering support and advice
  • help the school respond to the needs of parents and the community
  • make the school accountable to the public for what it does
  • work with the school on planning, developing policies and keeping the school under review
  • exercise its responsibilities and powers in partnership with the headteacher and staff
  • The headteacher is responsible for the day to day management of the school.  Governors may assist with this if called upon in times of extreme difficulty.

Rednal Juniors' Governing body meets at least three times a year as a full governing body and at numerous times between these meetings as committees.  There are four committees which perform a variety of different tasks.


Premises and Health & Safety

This committee is involved with keeping the building safe and compliant by reviewing the Health and Safety policy, Fire evacuation procedures etc.  Members are also involved in any major building projects.

Staffing and Finance

Members of this committee are often involved in the recruitment of new staff; reading application forms and asking questions as part of an interview panel.  The staffing committee scrutinises policies relating to staffing. This committee is also tasked with approving and monitoring the school budget, approving policies relating to finance and authorising payments that exceed the headteacher’s delegated limit.

Curriculum & Standards Committee

This committee  finds out about how subjects are taught in schools and monitors the school's standards and progress of pupils.

Governors-Code of Conduct