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Together we can turn possibility into reality

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Curriculum at Rednal Hill Junior School

Our exciting and purposeful curriculum is tailor-made for the children who attend Rednal Hill Junior School.  It provides contextualised learning of key knowledge and skills across a broad and balanced range of subjects. Our curriculum is inspiring, ambitious and aims to promote a love of learning amongst the whole school community.

Our curriculum is designed to be: 

Enjoyable – engaging, motivating learning experiences for all our children; 

Ambitious – challenging and aspirational across all curriculum areas; 

Relevant – an ‘up-to-date’ curriculum that has relevance locally, nationally and globally; 

Memorable – so children remember important knowledge and skills ready for their next steps in learning and into their next stage in life. 

 In designing our bespoke curriculum, we have been driven by our belief that primary-age children should have real breadth and balance within their learning opportunities and experiences.  Here at Rednal Hill Junior School, we want all of our children to have the opportunity to experience a wide range of subjects and activities, so that they all can find their own talents, passions and interests. Our curriculum offer is wide, varied and ambitious which demonstrates our high expectations of what pupils can do and achieve.

 Across curriculum subjects, content is broad and balanced and fully aligned to the 2014 National Curriculum.  Learning focuses have been selected to inspire, motivate and engage our children in highly memorable learning experiences and to teach them the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare them for a successful learning journey across the key stage and for life beyond primary school.  The bespoke curriculum is enjoyable, ambitious and relevant to our children; therefore, memorable. 

 Principles of the Curriculum at Rednal Hill Junior School: 

  • Develops children’s knowledge and skills across a broad and balanced range of subjects; 
  • Builds knowledge and skills coherently both within and across well-sequenced lessons, units, themes and years; 
  • Identifies and explicitly teaches key vocabulary in context; 
  • Includes every opportunity for reading and oracy development across curriculum areas; 
  • Builds challenge across years through a combination of new and applied knowledge and skills; 
  • Provides regular knowledge checks to activate prior learning and create connections. 

Curriculum Organisation

Topic Curriculum

The aim of our topic curriculum is to effectively build on children’s knowledge and skills in History, Geography, Art and Design Technology in an inspiring, relevant and memorable way. The topic curriculum is sequenced carefully so that pupils are able to make links and build on previous learning. This strategic sequencing is to promote the notion of pupils securing and embedding their learning. The topic curriculum also encourages our pupils to develop and celebrate their creative and innovative thinking.

The Wider Curriculum

The wider curriculum (PE, music, MFL, PSHE, RE and computing) offers a breadth of subjects and curriculum plans are strategically sequenced in order to maximise the children knowing more and remembering more. Plans and curriculum mapping ensures that units of work are progressive in terms of knowledge and skills and that pupils are making progressive steps within units and overtime. Pupils are building on previous/prior learning so that they are given the opportunity to achieve, succeed and excel within their learning.  

 The school’s shared mission of “together we can turn possibility into reality” inspires children to aspire to be the very best that they can be and motivates us all to understand that we can all achieve, succeed and work towards any goal or challenge. These key messages are interwoven through our school values which are reinforced during lessons, assemblies and wider experiences.