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  4. W/B 06/03/2023 - We value making good choices

Weekly Focused Assemblies

Week Beginning 06/03/23

In this week’s assembly, we focused on understanding our value for this half term which is – We value making good choices.


We spoke about how our Golden Norms help us in making good choices – both in school and outside of school. We spoke about how we are in charge of our choices and our behaviour, and that we should always try and follow the Golden Norms to ensure that our choices are the best ones to make. Sometimes, we don’t always make the right choice and that is okay as long as we can reflect, take ownership, learn from our mistakes and move forward.

All children were then set a secret mission by SLT and the teachers in school do not know what the mission is! The mission is a behaviour that will help the children to follow one of the Golden Norms. The teachers will have to guess what it is in next week’s assembly after observing their classes closely! Why not ask your child what the secret mission is this week – but remember, don’t tell the teachers!

During our assembly, we listened to Heather Small – ‘What have you done today to make you feel proud’ which allowed us an opportunity to think about how proud we feel of ourselves when we follow the Golden Norms.