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Rednal Hill Junior School

Together we can turn possibility into reality

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Vision & Values 

Our Vision

To create an environment and atmosphere whereby all children and adults are given the opportunity to strive for excellence and thrive as learners in order to empower individuals to reach their full potential.

Our Mission Statement

‘Together we can turn possibility into reality’

Our Aims

The following aims act to support our vision and our mission statement:


We aim to overcome any barriers to learning in order that children achieve their full potential.

We aim for all members of our school community to feel safe, secure and successful.

We aim to provide a dynamic and responsive curriculum which stimulates a life long love of learning through which children develop the skills necessary to be successful citizens of the future.

We aim for the children to be independent learners and feel confident to make decisions and take responsibility for their learning.

We aim to encourage children to think, communicate, collaborate and make decisions.

We aim to provide the children with a wide range of experiences to maximise cultural capital.

We aim to constantly provide opportunities for children to engage with current and new technologies to enhance their learning experiences.

We aim to develop effective partnerships between home, school, local, national and global communities

We aim to develop the role of the school as an integral part of the community.

We aim to actively involve the children, staff, parents and governors in the learning process.


Please also see our Curriculum Overview page by using this shortcut.

Our Values


At Rednal Hill, we value being part of a community:

We belong to a class community, a school community and our family community. We enjoy working and playing in these communities. We understand that in a community there are rules and responsibilities. We also belong to bigger communities: Longbridge, Britain and the World. We like to know about these communities and find out about the other people who share them with us. We all have lots of things in common. We want to be responsible citizens by appreciating and caring for the communities that we live in. We are learning about our changing world and finding out how we fit into it and how we can make a positive difference. We celebrate differences and understand that people think differently and have their own values and beliefs too. 

At Rednal Hill, we value building relationships:

We like to work with our friends and encourage and support them to do well. We are good at teamwork and we know that sometimes we can achieve more together than we can on our own. We try to take on board the ideas of other people as well as sharing our own fantastic ideas. We like other people to know that they can trust us and that we will be honest. In return, we want other people to be able to trust us. We are friendly to everyone at our school and value old friendships and new ones. We communicate well with others by listening and speaking to them in a respectful way.  We are aware of the needs of other people and try to consider them in everything we say and do. We support others and demonstrate generosity, patience and kindness.

At Rednal Hill we value making good choices:

We know that we have choices to make every day. Some of those choices could have positive or negative outcomes. We want to make good choices so that we can enjoy school and life and that the people around us can enjoy themselves too. We are able to make these choices ourselves. We are aware that we will have to make choices for the rest of our life and that some of these will be moral choices. We are developing our own beliefs about what is right and wrong so that we can follow our own conscience. We make the choice to stand up for other people. We do not tolerate bullying of any kind and we work hard to educate others to ensure that there is not discrimination in our school. We understand that in our justice system is designed to encourage people to make good choices.

At Rednal Hill, we value being respectful and considerate:

At Rednal Hill we want people to respect us and be considerate of our needs. We show this respect to our friends, peers, and all adults. We are polite to everyone. We are aware of other people’s needs and show consideration. We are kind and demonstrate care for others by looking after people and sharing with them. We are patient and supportive as we want to help other people to be the best that they can be. We are appreciative of what others do for us. In school, we show respect to adults by following the school rules and listening to what we are asked to do. We show respect for ourselves, for others and for our environment. We look after the resources that we have and help to keep our school looking wonderful.

At Rednal Hill, we value being an individual:

We are all different and amazing! We like the fact that we are not all the same - we all have different strengths and different personalities. We are developing self-awareness and an understanding of our own identity. We want to reflect on what we do well and decide what things we could do even better. We are confident and independent: we like to be resourceful and problem-solve. We all believe in ourselves and know that we can achieve great things. We are free to be ourselves and should know our own beliefs and opinions and it is good to share these respectfully. We are aware of who we are and how other people see us. We are proud to stand up for ourselves and what we believe in. We are assertive.

At Rednal Hill, we value being the best that we can be:

We are motivated to be the very best that we can be. We are inquisitive and curious. We embrace new opportunities and try to challenge ourselves. We strive for excellence and have really high aspirations. We know that this requires hard work and commitment. We know that we can achieve amazing things at school and when we grow up. We are ambitious! We are positive and determined to fulfil our potential. When things get hard, we do not give up: we demonstrate resilience, ‘stickability’ and grit. We believe in ourselves and we are know that we can make a difference. We know that we will be successful in whatever we choose to do. We know that to get better, we must deal with criticism and be reflective. We care proud of all of our achievements and enjoy celebrating them.