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  4. W/B 26/02/2024 - World Hearing Day

Weekly Focused Assemblies 2023-2024

In our assembly this week, we discussed World Hearing Day as it is on March 3rd 2024.

Firstly, we discussed what World Hearing Day is:

World Hearing Day is an annual global event celebrated on 3rd March. It is organised by the World Health Organisation with the purpose of:

  • raising awareness and sharing information about hearing loss 
  • promoting ear and hearing care
  • calling for action to address hearing loss and related issues. 

We talked about how sounds are all around us every day and many of us are lucky enough to hear them. Sometimes we hear sounds and don’t even notice them. We listened very carefully in the assembly hall to see what noises we could hear. We then played a game to see if we could guess the sound.

We then spoke about people that could not hear and imagined what their life would be like.

We then spoke about how different sounds make us feel.

We then shared a book called ‘Ranvir Cannot Hear’ which was about celebrating all of the positive things in everyone. We all have some things we can not do, but we all have lots of great things that we can do!

As part of our assembly we listened to music performed by Evelyn Glennie who is a profoundly deaf percussionist. Take a listen here: