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  4. W/B 09/01/2023 - Friendship

Weekly Focused Assemblies

Week Beginning 09/01/23

In our assembly this week we looked at the value of friendship and what makes a good friend. The children were asked to talk and think about the following:

Think back to your previous years at school. 

  • Can you remember who your best friend was from reception? 
  • Are you both still friends? 
  • Have you made friends with someone you didn't think you ever would? 

Think about your friend (in or out of school)

  • How are you and your friend similar? 
  • How are you both different?
  • What makes your friend a great friend? 

Have a think about these questions below

  • Do all friendships last forever?
  • Can everyone be your friend? 
  • Can we be friends with someone all of the time? 
  • Can you be friends with someone even after an argument?   

We then shared and enjoyed a short clip from 'for the birds'. The children were asked to think about the following:

  • Are the birds showing kindness? 
  • Are all of the birds friends? 
  • What is the moral of this story? 

To enhance the meaning of the assembly the children also listened to The Beatles, With a Little Help from My Friends.