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Friday Celebration Assembly

Every Friday we celebrate key areas of our school:

  • Pupil of the Week.

    Every week, all class teachers nominate a child in their class to be celebrated in our special 'Friday Celebration’ assembly. These children are awarded with a ‘Pupil of the Week’ certificate to take home.  Winners are announced in our fornightly school newsletter. Please click here to access our newsletter

  • Reader of the week. Again, this is where each class teacher picks one child from their class for their excellent effort in reading.
  • Pen license. This is where children are celebrated as they move from pencil to pen!
  • Outstanding Contribution Award – School Values/Exceptional Behaviour/Attitude or Community Work

  • House points are announced weekly. These are given to children that are exponents of our key principles of Resilience, Perseverance, Integrity & Responsibility. 
  • Scientist of the month. Once a month teachers nominate their scientist of the month. 
  • Lunchtime Champions. This is given for the best class as judged by our lunchtime supervisors

Every Friday we choose one child from each class for their outstanding work ethic. They are then celebrated in Friday's 'Pupil of the Week' section of our assembly!

Here are the 'Pupil of the Week' winners for Friday 17th May

Year 3 
Millie - she always tries really hard in all her work, especially maths.
Trinity - for excellent work this week.
Prisha - for showing the 'golden norms' and settled into the class community.
Lara - for her fantastic work in English.
Year 4
Sutton Coldfield
Cody - for being mature and responsible when dealing with different situations.
Myla - for always trying her best and just being fantastic.
Richie - for working really hard in class and for contributing some fantastic ideas.
Nye - for his amazing narrative work this week.
Year 5
Eddie - for his fantastic English writing and always following the 'golden norms'
Finley - for his excellent work in maths.
Jad - for always putting in maximum effort especially in English.
Year 6
Alicia - for her approach to SAT's this week. She showed confidence and maturity.
Stratford Upon Avon
Kyle - for showing great resilience during SAT's week.
Madikai - for his positive mindset in SATs. Great I CAN attitude!

Here are the 'Pupil of the Week' winners for Friday 10th May

Year 3 


Isla - for all her hard effort.

Ayva - for trying hard in writing.

Olivia Rose - for her recount.


Lewis - for being kind and encouraging.

Keva - for always following the 'golden norms'.

Isla - for a brilliant recount in English.


Jaxon - for always trying to improve work.

Aurora - for great work in Maths and her writing in English.

Adelaide - for fantastic work in Maths.


Year 4

Sutton Coldfield

Jack - for building resilience and perseverance. 

Joshua - for his attitude to reading. It's had a positive effect.


Luka - for improved attitude towards school and trying hard in all lessons.

Tyler - for improving confidence and always following 'golden norms'


Archie H - for his amazing work in Maths.

Lindsay - for her positive manor in school.

Cairo - for trying hard in all lessons.


Year 5


Esme -  for going above and beyond to finish English work.

Aleya - for always trying her best and following 'golden norms'


Amelia - showing excellent attitude and lots of effort in work.

Charlie H - for super attitude towards learning.

Layla - for making extra to improve her writing through self correcting.


Sophie - for her enthusiasm in the Viking workshop.

Leah - for confidence in sharing through ideas in class.


Year 6


Ava - for showing confidence in SATs revision.

Ryan - for his effort in revision and attitude towards SATs


Evie F - for showing sensible responses in Geography.

Muhammediya - for active discussions and always showing the 'golden norms'.

Amelia - for focus in Science and persevering during Reading booster.


Tyler - for working hard and doing extra work in preparations for SATs.

Joshua - for working hard and doing extra work in preparations for SATs.

Here are the 'Pupil of the Week' winners for Friday 19th April

Year 3
Birmingham (3NE)
Marshall - for a fantastic week. Joining in and contributing in all lessons.
Halesowen (3CM)
Eren - working really hard. A fabulous member of the class.
Felix - settled into Rednal Hill extremely well.
Solihull (3BS)
Castiel - for showing determination in his writing.
Aidan - for fantastic work and progress.
Year 4 
Sutton Coldfield (4SR)
Zinat - for being so polite, kind and caring to others plus trying extremely hard in all lessons.
Sandwell (4EO)
Macey - for a positive start to this term. Polite, helpful and mature.
Vinnie - for great effort in English.
Year 5
Wolverhampton (5FM)
Sonny - Always displaying the 'golden norms'. Fabulous effort in Art Week, lots of adults noticed.
Dudley (5KJ)
Tai-Jaun - for always trying his best and approaching every lesson with a positive attitude.
Walsall (5LF)
Ola - always having 'A CAN DO' attitude and a strong growth mindset.
Year 6
Stourbridge (6AY)
Riley Harper - for listening and following the instructions in all lessons.
Stratford Upon Avon (6NB)
Harloe - has had a fantastic week. Focused, noticing in himself when he needs to ask for some.
Coventry (6LF)
Rhys - for ALWAYS making the right choices, whether it is outside, lining up or in class during lessons.