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Trips & Experiences

We are very proud of our curriculum here at RHJS. We understand the importance of bringing the curriculum to life by offering the children so many trips and experiences that are meaningful and purposeful - all of these trips and experiences enhance their understanding of what is being learned and allow them to put their learning into real life contexts. More importantly, it offers them the opportunity to experience education in a different way, allowing them to build a love of learning and a curiosity about the world we live in.  
Please see the offer that we have here at RHJS - each year group offers a whole host of amazing trips and experiences - over the course of their time here, they will have seen and visited so many wonderful thing that will enhance their learning. 
Please always help us in supporting these visits when we ask for a voluntary contribution to trips - we will always aim to prioritise trips and experiences and your help in providing such an offer, is greatly valued.