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Aims of the music curriculum at Rednal Hill Junior School:

  • To inspire children to develop a love of music, which extends beyond the classroom
  • To expose children to a wide range of musical styles from Baroque to the present day
  • To celebrate music from around the world and consider how it brings communities together
  • To create music, think more musically and thus, become more musical

Curriculum Design Overview

The music curriculum has been designed to reflect the breadth and ambition of the Model Music Curriculum. It is built upon the five key disciplines of music, as outlined in the National Curriculum:

Each unit will begin and end with listening and appreciation so that children can develop a good understanding of the style which they will be studying and celebrate and critically assess the work they have produced and its success.  Through listening, pupils will develop their aural and theoretical knowledge of music and will be taught to recognise features of a piece of music, understand key vocabulary and understand the intentions and theoretical ideas of key composers and performers both in traditional and contemporary styles. 

 Throughout the year, children will have the opportunity to develop their musical skills by practicing at depth the skills of singing, playing and composing in the context of a particular style of music. The styles of music children will be exposed to will allow them to explore music from a range of both historical and geographical origins and provide context for teaching the interrelated dimensions of music.  

 These skills will be showcased in an end of unit performance, where children will perform for a range of audiences and purposes, both in school and in the wider community.  

The music curriculum aims to aid in personal development by nurturing pupils’ self-esteem and self-confidence, through a range of performance opportunities, problem solving and teamwork activities and a chance to self-reflect and express their identity.  

Lower School Curriculum 

Upper School Curriculum

Key Composers

Delivery of the music curriculum at Rednal Hill Junior School

Music is delivered weekly to children by a specialist music teacher. This is to ensure a commitment to high-quality teaching standards and opportunities for progression for all children from the moment they begin their education with us. Five music units are taught per year and these last for a duration of seven weeks each. Where appropriate, purposeful links have been made to the topics children have been studying in History and Geography to further enhance their knowledge and understanding. In each year group, one of the five units is dedicated to whole-class instrumental teaching which will allow children to develop facility in playing a melodic instrument.

The units of work will adhere to the following sequence of teaching and learning

Other core elements of the music curriculum include:

  • Visits from local musicians
  • Workshops
  • Attending professional concerts

These exciting opportunities aim to maximise cultural capital and expose children to a range of new experiences.

Morning Music

Additionally, children at Rednal Hill Juniors have music playing as they enter the school building in the morning and leave in the afternoon. It is a great opportunity to expose children to the chronology of western classical music throughout history. The music is updated each half term to reflect the six key styles: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Early-20th Century, Mid-20th Century and contemporary.


Progression in learning

Progression in skills is supported through a Musical Skills Progression document which identifies age-related expectations for the key disciplines of music. Within this document, progression in the fundamentals dimensions of music is identified through a colour coded key to show how these disciplines are interwoven with the skills of playing instruments, singing and composing.  


Extra-Curricular Opportunities

A range of co-curricular activities provided by school staff members support children to flourish and find their inner musician.

Our school choir invites anyone with a passion for singing and being a team player. Children from all year groups can participate and the club runs after school weekly on a Thursday.

Two instrumental clubs run during school hours at lunchtimes. Recorder ensemble, for years 4-6, takes place on a Wednesday and Ukulele ensemble, for years 5 and 6 runs on a Tuesday. Places for these clubs are limited but provide and excellent opportunity for those with devotion and a flair for music to explore their potential.

Over the recent years, the choir have taken part in an array of exciting events including Young Voices at Resorts World and the School Proms at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall. Additional opportunities for pupils to perform in school outside of the curriculum include Friday celebration assemblies and termly seasonal concerts.

As a school, we work closely with our local music hub to source further opportunities for children to become immersed in music. Details about out-of-school activities such as instrumental teaching, free concerts and workshops in the local area can be found termly in the ‘Music Matters’ segment of the school newsletter.

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