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Value Word Champions

At the start of each half term there is a whole school assembly where one of the school values is introduced. This value then acts as a stimulus to aid discussions throughout the half term. At the end of the half term Children who have championed the value are celebrated in a whole school assembly and presented with a certificate. They are then invited to a special ‘hot chocolate’ with the Head. Winners are announced on our school newsletter, as well as celebrated in this assembly.

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Once, every half term, we recognise children for their efforts in meeting one of our core values. The value for this half term is being an individual.


Here are the 'Value Word Winners' for Summer 2 2023:
3AY- Achanio, for never being afraid to like what he likes. He is also happy to work on his own or in a group. He is a credit to the class.
3CM- Lumi (Emma), for having awesome, unique ideas and never afraid to say or do her own thing.
3NE-He has great ideas and is always confident to follow these ideas. He is a lovely friend to others and respects everyone for who they are, while still being himself 
4EO- Elliora, she is unapologetically herself.  She has some awesome ideas and is never afraid to follow on from her own ideas.
4LF- Leah, for always being so lovely. She is an individual in her own unique way. No matter what is going on within the class or outside, she will always make sure she is doing the right thing. 
4LW- Ella- Mae, she is never afraid to be herself. She has some interesting ideas and has lots of interests in school and outside of school.
5KJ- Addison, has a unique style! She is an awesome individual. She is a credit to the class.
5HS- Emily, she has discovered from an early age. She follows her own self.
5FM-Lucy, for being an individual in the class assembly, she planned and played the keyboard. WE are extremely proud.
5FM Carys, for a fantastic year! She knows her own mind.
6SC- Rhys Tovey, an independent individual. Always making great choices. An excellent House Captain.
6NB- Ben, well loved and appreciated member of the class. He is his own self and always takes the initiative to help out others when needed.
6LF- Tyler Mellors, is a fabulous individual who worked as the Tech in the production. His confidence has built over the year.

Here are the 'Value Word Winners' for Summer 1 2023:

3AY- Zack, for working hard at building positive relationships with adults and peers.

3CM- Nualah, for having a positive attitude to adults and peers.

3NE-Olivia Hadley, for being a superstar! Respectful to others around her.

 4EO-Kevin,for being a fantastic friend to all.

4LF-Hatton, for being a great friend to the whole class.

4LW-Emily, for being an outstanding partner to her classmates.

 5KJ- Joseph, for being a great friend. Always reaching out to others.

5FM- Isla, for being a positive person. Always ready to help in all aspects of school life.

5HS- Evie Perk, for positive partner work. 

 6LF- Lacey, for being an incredible friend and a supportive partner.

6SC-Millie, always builds positive relationships.

6NB- Hollie-Mae, for always being helpful and positive to all around her. 

Here are the 'Value Word Winners' for Spring 2 2023:

3AY- Phoebe for always trying to do the right thing and stay focused on her work. 

3CM- Evie for always trying her best. 

3NE- Miya for being a brilliant role model and making good choices for her learning. 

4LW- Riley for striving to do the right thing both in and out of the classroom. 

4LF- Taliah for always making sure she is doing the right thing in school. 

4EO- Evie for making good choices on the playground and in class. 

5HS- Rupert for trying his best to do the right thing this half term. 

5KJ- Harley for growing in maturity and making more good choices. 

6LF- Elisa for making good choices in all lessons with all teachers. 

6NB- Sophie for always making good choices with her behaviour, staying focused and working hard. 

6SC- Sophia for always being helpful and trying to do the right thing. 

Here are the 'Value Word Winners' for Spring 1 2023:

3AY- Allen for always being focussed in class and trying his best. 

3NE- Libby for demonstrating all of the school values and always putting maximum effort into her work. 

3CM- Beau for having a greatly improved attitude to learning and school this term. 

4EO- Grace for always pushing herself and striving to be the best she can be. 

4LF- Oliver for aways being the best version of himself and encouraging others to do the same. 

4LW- Dolly for demonstrating all the school values and consistently producing her best work. 

5HS- Kyle for his helpful attitude and brilliant effort with his homework. 

5KJ- Hayan for staying green and pushing himself in both school and homework. 

5FM- Mariah for having a brilliant growth mindset this half term, especially with maths. 

6SC- Lucy for her improved focus and excellent progress. 

6LF- Blake for always going above and beyond in his school and homework. 

6NB- Hollie for always doing her best in all that she does. 

Here are the 'Value Word Winners' for Autumn 2 2022:

3AY- Bobbie for always remembering his manners and encouraging others to do the same. 

3NE- Japleen for always being kind, polite and helpful. 

3CM- Callum for his respectful and considerate attitude towards others. 

4LF- Lilah for always looking after others and being supportive. 

4EO-Sonny for being respectful towards all children and adults. 

4LW- Isabelle for having a kind and considerate attitude towards everyone. 

5FM- Lily for being kind and thoughtful with her words and actions. 

5KJ- Perets for having a considerate attitude towards her classmates.

5HS- Charlie for his cheerful and generous attitude to everyone. 

6LF- Mariana for always being happy to help others and treating everyone with kindness. 

6NB- Daisy for her thoughtful attitude towards everyone. 

6SC- Sophia for always interacting kindly with her classmates