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Value Word Champions

At the start of each half term there is a whole school assembly where one of the school values is introduced. This value then acts as a stimulus to aid discussions throughout the half term. At the end of the half term Children who have championed the value are celebrated in a whole school assembly and presented with a certificate. They are then invited to a special ‘hot chocolate’ with the Head. Winners are announced on our school newsletter, as well as celebrated in this assembly.

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Once, every half term, we recognise children for their efforts in meeting one of our core values. The value for this half term is respect and consideration.

Here are the 'Value Word Winners' for Friday 16th December:

3AY- Bobbie for always remembering his manners and encouraging others to do the same. 

3NE- Japleen for always being kind, polite and helpful. 

3CM- Callum for his respectful and considerate attitude towards others. 

4LF- Lilah for always looking after others and being supportive. 

4EO-Sonny for being respectful towards all children and adults. 

4LW- Isabelle for having a kind and considerate attitude towards everyone. 

5FM- Lily for being kind and thoughtful with her words and actions. 

5KJ- Perets for having a considerate attitude towards her classmates.

5HS- Charlie for his cheerful and generous attitude to everyone. 

6LF- Mariana for always being happy to help others and treating everyone with kindness. 

6NB- Daisy for her thoughtful attitude towards everyone. 

6SC- Sophia for always interacting kindly with her classmates.