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Hometalk chats by 'Dialogue Works' are a great way to improve speaking, listening and thinking skills. They are based around a short, but thoughtful, conversation about an interesting topic. The packs contain lots of ideas, help and advice for parents to improve these skills. We will post these on a regular basis, see below.

HomeTalk 2021-2022

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HomeTalk 2020-2021

 HomeTalk-week-48-The Brain.pdfDownload
 HomeTalk-week-49-Life Cycles.pdfDownload
 HomeTalk-week 52-Choice and Responsibility.pdfDownload
 HomeTalk-week-53-Let's talk about love.pdfDownload
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Thinking Moves helps your children build up their thinking skills. They are fun to use and work across all ages from 3 – 15. Download these two documents to learn more and to get some interesting ideas for thinking activities

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