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Class name Change for 2023-24

Dear families,

We have decided to change the class names for next year. The names chosen are taken from the 12 associated areas within the West Midlands (see map below. This map is also on the wall in our hall). The reason for the change is to encourage the children to develop an understanding of the West Midlands. Overtime, the children will know and learn all class names and gain a greater understanding of what makes up the West Midlands. 

Year 6 

6LF, Miss Froggett class becomes - Coventry

6NB, Miss Brown's class  becomes - Stratford Upon Avon 

6AY, Miss Yarwood's class becomes - Stourbridge


Year 5 

5KJ Mrs Judd's & Mrs Davies' class becomes - Dudley 

5LF, Miss Fitzpatrick's class becomes - Walsall 

5FM, Miss Morris' class becomes - Wolverhampton 


Year 4 

4LW, Miss Wootten's class becomes - Meriden 

4SR, Miss Rothero's class becomes - Sutton Coldfield 

4EO, Miss Oates' class becomes - Sandwell 


Year 3 

3BS, Mr Stone's class becomes - Solihull 

3NE, Mrs Edgerton's class becomes - Birmingham 

3CM, Miss Magnante's class becomes - Halesowen